Electronics Design

Sparx Engineering can design electronics to meet virtually any need. Our engineers have experience designing circuit boards ranging from consumer entertainment devices to military life support equipment. At Sparx, we have bred a unique engineering team that understands all aspects of a system, from concept creation to assembly line production.

How are we different? In most large companies, one electrical engineer will draw the schematic, another technician will draft the circuit board layout, another will solder components to the board, and yet another will test and troubleshoot the design. Yet at Sparx, our engineers are engaged in a project from start to finish, which yields a high level understanding of all the details of design, test and production. As a result, design iterations move quickly and problems are caught and addressed without the need for time-consuming meetings. Manufacturability is a constant concern, and designs are optimized for ease of testing and to minimize production steps.

Sparx has managed simple, hand-soldered 2 layer boards all the way up to panelized, surface mount, machine assembled boards with 10+ layers, fine pitch components, multiple ball grid arrays, etc. There's no job too big or too small for our team to handle quickly and effectively. Whether you need five or five-thousand, we're equipped for the challenge.

Already have a design, but there's a problem? Our engineers can rapidly come up to speed on existing designs in order to fix problems or make modifications.

Contact us to discuss what you need.

Houston Electronics Design and Altium Designer CAD Services

Mechanical Design

With experience in designing everything from injection molded plastic parts to bent sheet metal and tubing, Sparx has the expertise to design and source virtually anything. We have long-standing fabrication and manufacturing partnerships to ensure that our designs are destined for the field, not just destined for a PowerPoint slide.

Sparx is skilled in advanced mechanical 3D CAD solid modeling, with SolidWorks as our tool of choice. We can produce 3D models, renderings and animations as well as standard 2D detail drawings. At Sparx, we focus our design efforts on parts and products with an understanding of manufacturing methods and capabilities. With the proliferation of 3D CAD tools, it is not uncommon for unskilled designers to produce parts that are impossible to build. Our real-world knowledge sets us apart.

A sampling of our part design experience:

  • Rapid Prototypes / 3D Prints
  • CNC Machining
  • Injection Molding
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • Cast Urethane Molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Optical / Light Pipes
Houston Mechanical Engineering and Product Design

Embedded Software Development

While the smartphone and tablet market has drastically increased the availability of mobile processing power, consumer-grade operating systems often can't provide the real-time guarantees required in industrial and medical applications. These systems are typically built from the ground up using custom hardware, embedded processors, microcontrollers, or FPGAs.

With its broad spectrum of diverse skillsets on staff, Sparx's engineering team approaches embedded development using best practices from both the software and hardware world. We are comfortable working with high-level design abstractions, and use a test-driven development process adopted from the software world. However, we are also comfortable breaking out the logic analyzers and oscilloscopes when a tricky problem arises.

Sparx has helped clients with embedded software designs including:

  • FPGA-based systems enabling sub-microsecond response times for data aggregation, analysis, and signaling of the attached devices
  • Realtime mobile data visualization using ARM processors and OpenGL|ES
  • Microcontroller-based medical devices designed for ultra-low power consumption
Houston Embedded Software Development and FPGA Design

Chemical Products and Services

Sparx Engineering has recently expanded our service offerings to include expert chemical consulting. Our consulting capabilities span the breadth of chemical technology, drawing from years of experience in the oilfield and biotechnology. Our wet lab has the capability to perform chemical synthesis of new compounds, as well as provide expertise in scale-up and optimization for bridging the gap from lab prep to pilot plant. Synthetic expertise provides capability for molecular structure design mapping to functional physical performance for innovative solutions. With possibility decoupled from existing paradigms, true innovation awaits with Sparx chemical synthesis consulting.

Paired with skills and expertise of our engineering team, our new chemical design capability offers a unique combination of programming, electronics, and mechanical design with chemical detection. Our analytical specialty provides for new solutions for the detection of chemicals in the environment or probing biological systems for chemical markers in a medical setting. Our analytical services draw from expertise in optical detection (UV/Vis and fluorescence), optical design (lasers) as well as independent data analysis of NMR, IR and mass spectroscopy.

Sparx also now offers data mining capabilities for complex data sets or nonlinear analyses employing techniques such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA) that can be deployed to find unknown correlations from observed behaviors in chemical and mechanical systems. Further, these statistical methods may be employed for formulation optimization in the connection of chemical variables with observed performance for high value applications.

Sparx is the team to meet your chemical and engineering needs. Whether it is troubleshooting with a fresh perspective, or design of new chemical technology with electronic interface, we have the team and facilities to solve your technical problems.

Houston Chemical Synthesis and Services

Rapid Prototyping

With the rise in popularity and adoption of 3D printing technology, rapid prototyping has become a cost effective option for many designs. With ZPrint technology Sparx is able to provide full-color 3D printed parts that are optimal for design checks, demonstration aids and 3D visualization.

Most printing orders can be completed and shipped within a few days. Expedited services are also available.

Sparx can provide 3D printing services with the following specifications:

  • Build sizes up to 10 x 15 x 8 in (254 x 381 x 203 mm)
  • 390,000 Colors
  • Resolution of 600 x 540 dpi
  • Layer thickness of 0.0035 - 0.004 in (0.089 - 0.102 mm)
  • SLDPRT, IGES, STEP, STL, VRML, PLY, 3DS or ZPR file formats accepted

For a printing quote, please Contact Us and provide us with your 3D data files.

Houston 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Service

Desktop Application Software Development

Media outlets have been quick to jump on the bandwagon proclaiming the demise of the desktop application. As more and more functionality is moving to the web and to mobile devices, companies are becoming less reliant on custom desktop applications to meet their business needs. However, there are occasions when a custom desktop application is still the best solution. These scenarios can include:

  • Browsers and web apps don’t provide the performance needed
  • The application needs to interact with USB devices or other desktop applications
  • Large amounts of data or documents need to be cached for offline use
  • Your users simply prefer to work on a custom desktop application

Though the market for desktop apps is shrinking in the general consumer world, a desktop is still the most powerful and flexible platform available in the business world. Sparx works with its clients to help them understand the pros and cons of selecting a custom desktop application versus a web or mobile app, and ensures that the right platform is chosen for the job. If a desktop application is determined to be the appropriate choice, the application is developed with Sparx’s rapid development process, just as with web or mobile applications, to ensure fast turnaround and high quality on delivery.

Some of Sparx’s experience with custom desktop applications includes:

  • Data visualization packages built on OpenGL or DirectX graphics toolkits
  • Data collection and storage tools to be used with third-party or custom-developed USB devices
  • Client-server systems for inventory management
Houston Desktop Application Software Development

Web and Mobile App Development

In the evolving world of mobile and web applications, it is imperative that companies and organizations stay ahead of the curve in order to compete. Just five years ago, no one knew what an app store was, most smartphone technology was limited to calendar updates, and social networking was something you did at the local martini bar. Now, any company hoping to succeed feels the pressure to provide apps on multiple web, social, cloud, and mobile platforms with ever-changing technologies and increasing feature sets and end-user expectations.

In addition, many companies have discovered that internal-use tablet apps are indispensable for organizing their mobile workforces, enabling remote collaboration, or providing dashboards for real-time data aggregation. However, simply keeping up with this technology is a burden that many companies are unprepared to face alone.

At Sparx, we are passionate about these technologies and the paradigms they make possible. With our expertise in these fields, and our experience applying these technologies to create real-world business solutions, we help our clients gain the edge required to succeed in a constantly changing marketplace.

Some of the mobile and web solutions we've provided include:

  • Tablet apps for capturing, organizing, and sharing local and socially-networked media
  • Cloud-based video publishing service for web and mobile viewing
  • Shopping cart solutions with integrated analytics
Houston iOS and Android App Development

Product Development / Production Management.

Sparx specializes in helping people and companies turn ideas into reality. Whether you are improving an existing design or need help developing the requirements for a new innovative technology, Sparx can assist you every step of the way. We can integrate with your design team and/or develop and manage the entire project. From FDA and MIL-Spec designs for ruggedized medical devices to cutting edge startup R&D projects, we have experience working in a wide range of industries. Our diversity in expertise allows us to efficiently meet our clients’ needs by applying best practices and lessons learned towards the project goals. Whether you need a one-off prototype or high volume manufacturing, Sparx will make it happen.

We understand that your time and money are important, so we don’t waste either. If we can’t help you achieve your project requirements, then we will do our best to find you a partner that can.

We enjoy evaluating new opportunities and challenging our engineers to come up with solutions, so please contact us and let’s get started.

Houston Product Development and Manufacturing

Technology Consulting

Sparx is an ideal partner to represent your interests in evaluating any technology-related opportunity. Perhaps you are a venture capital firm, angel investor, or private equity group looking to perform due diligence on investing in a technology focused start-up. Maybe you are a small company looking to evaluate quotes from three big software vendors, and you lack the technical expertise in-house to evaluate them. You could be a small company looking to hire engineering or IT staff, but you need someone who represents your interests to help you sort résumé’s and interview the candidates.

For companies and groups that don’t have engineering and technology expertise in house, performing the proper due diligence in areas requiring high-tech literacy is a constant challenge. Much like a law firm or accounting firm, Sparx Engineering can represent you in any transaction, evaluation, or other endeavor to assure that your interests are well represented in a situation requiring engineering fluency. Whether that means asking the right questions, performing a written analysis of a technology, or just sorting between fact and fiction:

having the information is critical to making key decisions. Sparx can help you make sure you have the right information at the right time.

Texas Private Equity Venture Capital Angel Investing and Technology Accelerator Investment Consulting and Tech Startup Assistance

Our Recent Projects

Smilebooth LINUS

Product Development

Smilebooth LINUS

Sparx partnered with Smilebooth on their next generation photo booth. With size, weight, cost, and ease-of-use driving the new design, the Sparx team created the most innovative and user-friendly photo booth on the planet (we can't speak for what may exist on other planets).

Electronic Medical Record Software Development

Medical Software


Sparx engineers are helping 10Blade develop a software tool called iRevive. It will provide an accurate patient history, assist in treatment, and help clinicians be more efficient when providing medical care during transport and pre-hospital care. The system was evaluated at the US Army’s Critical Care Air Transport Team (CCATT) training facility at the University of Cincinnati.

Custom Interactive Media Campaign and Enterprise Android App Development

Android Development

Samsung Galaxy S3 Media

When Samsung and T-Mobile wanted to showcase the Galaxy S3 in New York, they approached Smilebooth and Sparx Engineering for a custom media installation. Sparx wrote a custom Android application tailored for the Galaxy S3 phone to share Smilebooth pictures over social media. Thousands of attendees were able to use the powerful Galaxy S3 device with interactive marketing.

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